List of contents

    Rule N°1 – self-sufficiency

    You are solely responsible for carrying food, drink, and personal items during the journey or obtaining them spontaneously along the way. Your safety and logistics are entirely your own responsibility.

    Pre-booking accommodations or any logistical aid prior to the ride is strictly prohibited. You cannot have a support crew or virtual base-camps planned, but incidental and unsolicited assistance during the journey is permissible.

    As a pair, you and your partner are considered as a single entity, and you can share resources between yourselves. However, external help or assistance from others outside your team is not permitted.

    Rule N°2 – stay on course

    You are required to adhere to the designated track provided to you. In the event of an unexpected obstacle like construction sites, landslides, fallen trees, etc., you are allowed to deviate from the track temporarily. However, it is mandatory to rejoin the original track as soon as possible.

    Deliberate shortcuts will result in a time penalty.

    You may briefly step away from the route for purposes such as eating or resting, but you must return to the exact point where you left the track to resume the ride. In case of a medical or mechanical emergency, you can use any means of transportation necessary to seek help, but you must then return to the same point on the track to continue your journey.

    Rule N°3 – show respect

    Kindly treat the staff, who have dedicated their time and effort to support this adventure, as well as your fellow participants and locals, with consideration and appreciation.

    It is essential to heed the advice given by the crew, as their recommendations are solely for the sake of your safety and the smooth progression of the journey.

    Rule N°4 – insurance

    Having valid liability, death, accident, and medical insurance is compulsory throughout the entire event, and it must also include coverage for retrieval and return transportation costs.

    Please acknowledge that all responsibility rests with you.

    Rule N°5 – GPS tracker

    GPS tracking is provided as a means to monitor the riders online. It is your responsibility to use the tracker appropriately. Disabling the tracker or prolonged inactivity without informing the organization will lead to penalties.

    In case the pair separates for any reason, the last rider must carry the tracker.

    A refundable deposit for each tracker will be necessary to cover potential loss or damage.

    Rule N°6 – official cutoff

    If you fail to complete the course before the specified cutoff, you will be marked as DNF (Did Not Finish). Beyond this deadline, official service or support cannot be expected, but you are welcome to continue your ride. Simply return the tracker, to the communicated address, and relish the rest of your journey.

    In the event that one of the paired riders withdraws, the pair will receive a DNF score. However, the remaining rider can continue and will be scored as a finisher (out of category).

    Rule N°7 – no one else but you

    Just you, your physical abilities, and your bike (e-bikes are not prohibited), external assistance is not permitted. Drafting is not allowed, except during paired participation or neutralized phases, as indicated by the organization. Riding side-by-side is allowed.

    In the event of an emergency, you may temporarily leave the course, but you must rejoin at the precise exit point and resume the route.

    Rule N°8 – leave no trace

    Show respect for nature. You will be traversing delicate ecosystems and protected areas, so make sure to leave nature undisturbed.

    Rule N°9 – travel by public transport

    As this event is climate compensated, we kindly request you to arrange your travel to and from the event using public transportation to maintain this balance undisturbed. If you are using any individual car or even a flight we ask you to offset the emission.

    Rule N°10 – responsibly and reasonable

    Adhere strictly to all the rules outlined here, listen to your body, and make decisions sensibly and thoughtfully. Always keep in mind the challenge’s scope and maintain control over your efforts. Avoid pushing yourself too far with sleep deprivation, as it can lead to accidents due to reduced concentration and reflexes.

    Thoroughly study the route and meticulously plan your adventure, considering all the factors that can contribute to a successful and unforgettable experience. When questioned about ensuring riders› adherence to the rules, our response remains constant: we cannot guarantee it. An honorable agreement is intrinsic to bikepacking adventures, and the fairness of the journey ultimately depends on each individual’s actions and choices.

    Mandatory equipment

    • At least 40 milimetre wide tyres and a well maintaned bike.
    • Reasonable bicycle lighting
    • Backup lights (front & rear)
    • Visible and reflective clothes or bandages (must be worn during the night)
    • Helmet (has to be worn at all times moving)
    • Rain jacket and weatherproof clothing
    • GPS capable device with current route for navigation
    • cell phone
    • Some cash, if you do not have TWINT banking service bring additional 150.- as a deposit for the GPS tracking device
    • Repair kit for your bike
    • First aid kit (min. disinfectant alcohol cloth, bandage, emergency thermal blanket)
    • Sun protection
    • Possibility to load at least 1L of water