The inaugural edition of 303LUCERNE is in the books. This first ever bikepacking challenge in Lucerne was a success and that’s down to our riders and staff, who have delivered, rode savely and listended to their bodies when necessary 👏🏼

some quotes of our riders at the finish-line:

«will never forget that», «did not know that there are so many hills», «that’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done», «I did it all for the brunch», «super familiar and personal atmosphere», «you guys are crazy f#!king sadists», «this route, so nice!», «I thought that I knew this region, but…», «awesome course»


A new challenge just happened the first time in Lucerne. 74 riders came to the starting line and cycled two days throw the finest dirt-roads Lucerne has to offer!

The route and efforts were timed, but there was no celebration of individual performances. The fact that the riders dare to take part is worthy of equal praise.

A 330km loop with mixed terrain and some elevation. Two days of mixed emotions, beautiful landscapes and wild rides. At least 60% of the route was on natural roads, singletrails. Of these, at least 90% (time) were rideable.
The route passeed through several towns which offered overnight accommodation and resupply.
Gravel or MTB with light gears and at least 40mm tires. (Expect some S2 trails up and down. If comfort is more important than time we would recommend to bring a MTB.)
Weatherproof clothing, lighting, repair kit, GPS device (cell phone), cycling computer with the route, battery pack, first aid kit.

what we mean by self-supported » our manifesto here

more about the organizers here

The Map

we were sold out 🤩 and 91 riders had registered!

Would you like to see, feel and ride the same route as our participants? Here is the GPX file.


Cap NoNameTeam / Club / Motto / IG
11Tobias Löffel@wiiter_immer_wiiter
12Jonathon Mac Dougall
14Mattia Pastore@mattipastore
15Willi Felix (DNF)
16Markus Haltiner
17Stavros Antifakos@s.antifakos
18Mathias Jä
19Benjamin Schroeteler (DNS)
20Tjeu Kaelen (DNS)@_tjeu
21Raphael Ottiger (DNS)@raphi_ottiger
22Jens Friedrich Wilken (DNS) (unexcused)
24Julie von Grünigen@julieta.bicicleta
25Deborah Salzmann
26Marius SchadaSnowcats Bratislava, @26drlove
27Alex LangkauSushi Pro Cycling Züri, @alexlangkau
28Patrick StalderSushi Pro Cycling Züri
29Darko Vokic (DNS) (unexcused)
30Pedro Nyffengger (DNS)Pedros Bikeshop Team
31Marjorie de Goumoëns@maki_cycling
32Ursina Berri@zina_cyclina
33Jan Steiner (DNS)room 3423 cycling club, @jan.ibergen
34Christian WaserVelobude Luzern
35Raffael BalzariniGentlemen’s Club Luzern, @Raffael Balzarini
36Thomas Quirk
37Jonas FlükigerCycling Club Rontal
38William VetterliVetterli Dream
39Clemens Trautwein
40Christian ReberMe myself and I
41Tono Imfeld
42Hendrik Venema
43Pius GloorKHS Bikes Schweiz, @pius_gloor
44Yannick RubliTeam R/S
45Christoph Vetter
46Mladen Milic (DNS)vegan cyclist
47Daniel Indermaur@indi_velo
48Rafael Wunderle (DNF)
49Beat Zumstein (DNS) (unexcused)Scott SRAM
50Daniel Thürig
51Samuel Rickli (DNS) (unexcused)dream big
52Markus Koller (DNF)Nutrixxion CH
53Philipp Leppert
54Oliver Walker
55Franz Lipp
56Jochen Bihn (DNF)
57Sämi Bissig
58Ronald Zandstra@ronald_sandman
59Andi Jurt
60Mascha Wahlig@maschawahlig
61Simon Joller
62Caron Elise (DNF)@elisecaron
115Sam PratiAssociation PEAK, @Kooklla
last updated: 06.05.
Cap NoNamesTeam / Club / Motto / IG
111Alessio Granata, Francesco Vitucci
112William Haeni, Vincent HeyVetterli Dream
114Mohammed Bouza, Kévin Jalaguier (DNF)
116Lukas Baier, Meik Randegger (DNS) (unexcused)
117Moritz Grimmer, Jonathan Meyer (DNF)Der grimmige Meyer
118Philipp Vogel, Christoph WilleÜetliberg Skyrunning Crew, @philippvogel212
119Adrien Troesch, Samuel RothTeam Männele, Lausanne Gravel, WeilEsIchKann, @lifeof__adri
120Pirmin Bütler, Luki
121Simon Winiger, Julie GrobPHY21 sponsored by Sigi performance coaching
122Tobias Wiler, Dimi Gwinner (DNF)U-Lock Justice
123Christian Sieber, Gaëlle Liengme (DNS)@ca_losum
124Tim Frankowski, Flurin KipferWi dr blitz
125Joel Oehrli, Luca Langenegger
126Marcel Wismer, Matthias SchneiderOffroadzauberer
127Markus Scheuffelen, Felix Mechelke
128Urs Bieri, Franz BieriWas rumpelt hier so?
129Antoine Monnot, Adrian PirletConcious rocks, @conciousrocks
130Christian Katterfeld, Simon Rolli (DNF)Graf L.
last updated: 06.05.

Sponsors & Partners

🌱 estimated CO₂ amount of this event: 12.3 tons, which we offset with 🌱